Thursday, February 10, 2011

Simple Things

Feather Necklace, originally uploaded by Lynn_EL/UnaOdd.

A simple thought.

Who is my customer? Who am I trying to speak to?

How have I managed to sell for two years on Etsy without giving deep thought to who I am trying to connect with? Perhaps blind faith in the system, naiveté about the ability of the marketplace to showcase my work -and the ability of the customer to find me in the vast sea of shops that I am a part of.

Thank you to Lee Wolfe of One Clay Bead for her article on her The Beauty You Love blog. She writes about April Bowles-Olin's thoughtful workshop, Attract Your Target Market — You're Not Walmart.

It has compelled me to look at my shop in a much more critical light. I am seeing the story I am not telling, the people I am not connecting with and it's really such a basic, simple thing.

Time to do some re-writing!

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  1. These are great questions to ask! We have a great opportunity on Etsy to relate personally with our buyers and to find out what part our work plays in their lives. it's exciting to explore this.