Friday, March 11, 2011

Prime Numbers -Family Geekery

Kind of a strange post today. Inspired by a piece of music -thanks Kate! :^)

It just tickled me today that I realized that my family members' ages are all prime numbers right now - 7,11,41,43. The fact that I'm the largest number, (oldest) of the bunch, only slightly dampens the enjoyment. My daughter also has an affinity for primes and chose her basketball jersey, 43, specifically for that reason - she is one cool 11 year-old...

Today just seemed a good day to celebrate our prime-ness - 3/11/11.

Do you have a fun prime number story?

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  1. I once had a student whose OCD fears centered on prime numbers, so as an exposure I would have him write sentences with prime numbers of words. Not exactly fun, especially at first, but over time my strange treatment helped him a bit. By the way, Margaret and I are both primes this year. We should all get together and have a prime party. We will be primes till the end of July.