Monday, May 30, 2011

Sweet Little Color Break

Peonies, originally uploaded by Lynn_EL/UnaOdd.

Every year I look forward to the peonies blooming in the garden. Some are plants that I started from sections of my parent's plants. They are old, originating with the first owner of their Victorian - probably 60 years old at least. Some are newer plants that I purchased.

Their scent is heavenly. The fuchsia flowers smell largely like peonies. The medium pink is the variety 'Sarah Bernhardt' and is my favorite. The older varieties don't have as showy of a flower - but the scent!... one smells very strongly of rose and the other - clove/cinnamon!

This overflowing and gloriously blowsy bouquet is the result of the inevitable rainstorms that flop my peonies every year. They give me a week of justifiably extravagant bouquets.


  1. Heavenly - I just love peonies, both the old fashioned top heavy blooms and that wonderful, fragrant perfume!

  2. one day at work a student claimed that our white peonies smelled like lunch meat, I quickly told him that his sense of smell must be off-centered, but a whiff confirmed it. Since then I have tried to get many a people to take a whiff and they smell it too. wonderful photo.