Friday, June 24, 2011

Red Raspberry Reprieve

Red Raspberries, originally uploaded by Lynn_EL/UnaOdd.

Around ten years ago I was very involved in trading garden plants at plant swaps. I acquired some red raspberry starts and plopped them in the corner of my vegetable garden. For a year or two they grew a little and gave a few berries. They were well behaved and I had high hopes.

Over the coming years the raspberries launched a full assault. They sent up shoots everywhere and wherever a branch touched the ground it rooted and sent up a new plant. The other downfall was the berries. There never seemed to be a great amount and when they did appear they coincided with the appearance of the Japanese beetles who quickly covered the berries.

Early this spring I told my husband I was planning on ripping them all out of the garden since they took up too much room and underwhelmed with their fruit. Well they must have been listening - this year I have a bumper crop and the kids have been picking and eating until full! I pulled some out that were going far beyond boundaries and have made an allowance.... they can stay, but will be held to their corner. At least for a few more years. :^)


  1. just have to hate and/or love plants that behave this way.

  2. The birds always manage to get ours first. WE really should put some netting on them. It's just they're do prickery!

  3. Ha,ha - nature has a sense of humor, eh?