Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ghosts from Machines - Mechanical Textures in Polymer

Textures in Clay, originally uploaded by Lynn_EL/UnaOdd.

I really love impressing things into polymer and seeing what the resulting textures say to me. Mostly I work with natural textures - leaves, twigs, feathers, shells, etc...

I do have a deviation from the natural that gives me a lot of enjoyment. I like to salvage and scavenge small bits of man-made materials. Some times it's mechanical - like gears and flywheels, knobs and keys. Other times it's just scraps that have nice shapes - like pen caps, dosing syringes, bread bag ties and hang tags. Anything being discarded gets inspected first for texture possibilities.

Usually when I start impressing I instinctively make faces. They have become their own little line of pendants that I call "Ghosts from Machines".


  1. I have a serious Lego habit - that is, pressing it into polymer...some of the pendants I've liked the best have been leggoey. Now I'm looking speculatively at my son's K-Nex.....

  2. Thank you Roberta!

    Claire, I haven't tried Lego! Hmmm, maybe it's my memory of the old Plastalina clay I jammed into my brother's Lego's as a kid. I spent a looooooong time digging that oily stuff out with toothpicks and the Lego was never the same.:^P

  3. I love how your art has created a view of the world with an eye for texture