Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cat Friendly Studio

"Cat friendly studio" it says in my Etsy profile, so as to warn anyone with severe allergies. Well, it is a cat friendly studio.

My studio is a bit of a mess right desk especially. Yet somehow my desk has become irresistible to my two cats. Kanye prefers to sit on either my open laptop, or my postal scale. Kaida just clears herself a nice spot in the sun and settles down.

Sun is the operative word in the irresistibility of my desktop. Sun pours in the picture window and onto my desk. The window also offers a lovely view of the squirrels and birds in the yew bushes and yard outside.

As much as they can be a bit pesky ON the actual laptop and scale, I tolerate them on the desk because...well, they're sweet, adorable and picturesque...and I can't keep them off.


  1. Awww, precious!!! A cat friendly studio, indeed. And what a wonderful view for all involved!!!

  2. Gorgeous. Working at home is just not the same without one...hoping to get two new kittens this summer.

  3. No mess compare to mine, Lynn ;) Your cat is so cute!!

  4. Oh, and a wee little munchkin, yes?? I can't think of a better place to curl up for a long afternoon nap :)

  5. well, if that is a mess, then I don't think there is word to describe my studio.
    Cute kitty looks just perfect there.

  6. Oh my that second picture is just precious!