Friday, March 27, 2009

New Baby

Okay, well not that kind of baby...but when you're power-tool poor the way I am, acquiring a 'new' tool is very exciting.

My husband's father loved to do woodworking and small projects. He had built up a nice collection of power tools -scroll saw, table saw, drill press etc... He even built custom stands for them all. He took care of them meticulously and documented everything! After he passed away the tools sat, unused for almost 10 years. My MIL mentioned giving them to us a few times, but it never seemed right. We didn't have a real need, or the room. What if she needed a small repair done? At least she'd have the tools on hand.

Well, finally projects here have reached a point where you say....if only we had a.....:^) Plus, we worried she would get fed up and just have everything hauled away or have a yard sale.

We brought the scroll saw home last weekend. It's attached to the stand my FIL made for it. It needs a new blade and some oiling, but I tested it out and am so happy to be giving new life to something a very special man once used to make lovely things.


  1. Wow, it looks like it's never been used! He really must have taken care of his 'toys' very well! Happy weekend! :)

  2. my scroll saw is my favorite tool!! have fun with it!!

  3. Hey! There no stopping you now!