Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wooden Head

, originally uploaded by Lynn_EL/UnaOdd.

I've felt drawn to carved wooden heads for some time now. I've kicked myself several times for not buying the three carved heads I saw in a Danish flea market a few years ago. The ones I passed up only improve in perfectness and affordability in my mind, as time passes. :^)

When I spotted this head online a few weeks ago I bought it on impulse and I LOVE IT!

I think I'm starting my official wooden head collection now.


  1. Cool! So you are a head hunter ;-)

    I don't know that I have ever seen a carved wooden head. She looks very...wise. Does it hang on the wall?

    Not wooden heads specifically but I have developed an interested in carved wooden things in general and have considered trying my hand at it as well!