Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beauty in Decay

As much as I love nature in full bloom, there is undeniable beauty to be found at all stages of life.

These particular ferns are a favorite of mine. They are Onoclea sensibilis, sensitive fern. So named because they react quickly to dry conditions. I started my fern bed with one tiny frond, spotted in the lawn while mowing and carefully transplanted.

Stopping by the fern bed one chilly morning I first mourned the loss of the cool bright green I so enjoyed. The earliest tiny fronds, so full of promise, are a favorite source of leaf impressions for my pendants.

Growing larger they enchant with their lovely shape and fresh color.

Today I was noticing the withering, drying fronds and feeling a little sad.

Looking closer I started to notice the individual cells... changing color... a beautiful pattern started to emerge.

I walked away from the bed feeling re-energized and hopeful for what had been and what is still to come.


  1. What a beautiful post, Lynn. I love ferns, too and am lucky that they grow like mad in the redwoods here in the Bay Area. I love your analogy, which works on so many levels and it was absolutely what I needed to hear today! xo

  2. Wonderful perspective!
    I sat outside our lake house in Maine this year and sketched ferns all afternoon one day for no reason but to learn and enjoy the shape.

  3. Simply gorgeous! I love finding the beauty of the not so green seasons, whether it's glowing autumn leaves, the dried seed heads of flowers past, or the browned grasses - it always seems there's something "blooming" no matter where I turn. ;-) Beautiful work!