Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kaida Fetching

Gray rainy day playing fetch with my cat. Really.

Kaida loves to chase and bring back small, fuzzy, sparkly balls we call sparkle balls. She brings them to me while I work in my studio and drops them at my feet. Her favorite is going up and over the couch. Typically she retrieves 10-12 times before she gets tired of the game or Kanye steals the sparkle ball.

Forgive the poor quality, it's a first for me!


  1. Goodness! isn't that amazing! what a very smart cat Kaida is and such a good taste in balls :)
    Does she get treats after?

  2. No treats... we didn't train her. She does it just for the fun of it!

  3. Oh, I love that!

    I've tried playing with my cats using balls but honestly, they don't get balls. I've tried small oneen and large ones. I've tried them furry and not furry. With bells inside and without. Nothing works.

    Cut a piece of string though and they'll chase around 'til they can't breathe! :) (And I'm very careful to throw the piece of string after we're done playing as I don't want them to injure themselves by eating it...)

  4. Lynn that is wonderful! She really is a very special cat.

  5. Clever cat! Not all cats are willing play along but perhaps she feels SHE invented the game!
    We had a cat named Willa that Kyle taught to ring a bell to get a treat. I thought this was a bad idea from the start and of course...after a while we had to hide the bell.

  6. Oh sweeeet! Molly does the same exact thing! I must find those sparkle balls! :) She will play fetch for h-o-u-r-s with hairbands. I even buy packages of garish/glittery/colorful ones (nice thick hairbands - can't have her eating one) just for her. And she fliiies over the sofa just like Kaida. And, we didn't train them ... they trained US. hee hee.

  7. Haha! Dude fetches too! His favorite is a store bought cat ball of yarn but he also loves plain crumpled up paper and as of now his FAVE toy is one of those huge rubber bands tied to a string that we drag and bounce around for him to catch. Simple toys are often the most fun! Cute video too!