Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hieroglyphics on the Driveway

While shoveling the light snow the other day, I noticed that the packed snow from my trip to the bus stop with the children did not easily shovel away. The patterns left by the wheels resembled ancient writing or corn field symbols. Was I sending a message to the heavens?

I loved the division of space and the graphic quality.

One thing for sure, it was a lot easier to shovel than the 6-8 inches we got last night will be!


  1. You are so right - I love how you find/see art in everything! :)

  2. Wonderfully graphic! A quick glance and it looks like white brush strokes on black paper.
    We are now up to 22 inches and it has stopped snowing...I think.

  3. love the photo! you have such an artistic eye. :)

  4. Crop circles came to my mind as well, along with some twilight zone music. It's a great shot.

    Thanks for you suggestion of " a glass of wine" I'm taking the train in, not driving, so I think it's a wonderful idea.

  5. Neat!
    I definitely can read a divine message here. But I can't tell you, you must discover it for yourself....

  6. Lynn- I think I see U-N-A-O-D-D (or maybe it is a reflection off your plates) - hehe!!

    xo- Cat :)