Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Material and Technique Test -Three Dimensional Dots

In the past I've done some polymer work where I added dots to create patterns. The dots were always either clay squished into clay, or paint dotted on.

Only dimensional fabric paint gave me the three-dimensional dots that I was after. However, I found the surface tended to stay slightly tacky and would pick up dust and dirt.

Messing around with some polymer clay materials I ended up with nicely dimensional dots with no tackiness. They even glow a little with side-lighting.

Off to play some more!


  1. So pretty, and it reminds me of spring. Even though that seems to far away.

  2. Oh so nice! These look so cute :-O Is there a tutorial available for purchase?

    1. Thank you, No, I am sorry, I do not have a tutorial.