Saturday, January 30, 2010

Facetnating ;^)

Okay, so since I bought my belt/disc sander I admit I've been a little facet happy.

In the works are some combination necklaces using a variety of faceted materials. The green set is faceted polymer and faceted unfinished scrap wood. The red and gray set is faceted polymer and faceted acrylic. I'm scrounging around for more things to facet. I want to do a piece using as many different materials as I can. I'm still working on whether or not to use smaller beads in between, as I really like the simplicity of a few chunky 'crystals'.


  1. Lovin' the faceted pieces! Love to see how you are branching out and having a bit of an explore with material choices.
    I know what you mean about beads in between. While it would be nice to fill space, you don't want to detract from the beauty of, in this case, the faceted beads.

  2. These are just so beautiful and unique!!!

  3. I love the way you work with polymer - the WAY - you just strike off in a direction without heaitation. I have just joined the ring-a-day group on Flickr, you might think of it too..

    The faceted crystals are so simple and powerful.

  4. lol..I can just picture you running around your house with your sander in hand and whirring away. :)

    I like the simplicity of the few chunky crystals together.. and that red/gray one is really awesome!

  5. these just take my breath away....and those rings from tuesday, too! just weighing in on the bead question.....i think really little beads would be great. they would allow the faceted crystals stand apart from each other a bit. i've been peeking in for a few months now; i really love your work!