Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sneak Peek -Technique Experimentation

When I purchased my last shipment of acrylic I bought some ivory colored sheets, even though I'm not crazy about the color on its own. Immediately the idea of a scrimshaw-type technique popped into my head. I know I want the effect to be somewhat naive, delicate and old-fashioned feeling...completely the opposite of 'plastic'. I tried my hand at it for the first time yesterday.

Admittedly this is super simple, some of the lines are awkward and I'm working with a beat up old engraving point from my college years. I'll probably keep this one for myself and do quite a bit more experimenting with different tools and line qualities. I do like how this combines such an old craft with a more modern material, softening it.


  1. Such a great idea and so beautiful too!

  2. love the effect!! so pretty.. can't wait to see more. :)

  3. It's beautiful. It looks like so many of us are branching out in new directions.

    Happy New Year,

  4. Wow - an amazing next step with your rings! Do you have to use a magnifying glass?