Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vacation From My Vacation

Did you ever have one of those 'vacations' that you need to recover from?

I closed my Etsy shop for the month of May, sort of a 'vacation'. I had a large project that I was involved with for my children's elementary school that required my full attention. I am on the ArtsDay Committee and agreed to organize a mural for the fifth grade ArtsDay project. In addition to the mural came all kinds of "heck breaking loose".

Before I even began the mural I went to an Orthopedic doctor about shoulder pain I've been having and discovered that I have a partially torn rotator cuff and pinching acromion and will need surgery -but that's being put off until August so let the mural begin!

I decided that the mural would be comprised of small Masonite/hardboard panels that the children would paint. They would then be assembled like tiles to complete the full mural. First I needed to buy a table saw, which I did on Mother's Day as a very nice present to myself. :^) Then I needed to assemble the table saw, which I did myself -thank you very much!

To complete the murals I needed 120 Masonite panels so I cut them, sanded the edges and gave them three coats of primer on the front, two coats on the back, painted the edges and finished them with one coat of gesso on the front.

The school's art teacher let me borrow her 40 year-old, rescued-from-a-dumpster-in- the-1970's opaque projector to enlarge the mural artwork onto the panels, then I started painting the artwork lines.

Right about now was the point that life started to become a little crazy. Driving to the bus stop with the children one morning I heard a thumpthumpthump and discovered a bolt embedded in my tire. Is this from the table saw?!? I deny it...

After putting them on the bus it was off to the tire center. A few hours later I headed home but the steering wheel was shimmying more than I liked. At home my husband reminded me that last time our tires were rotated they mentioned that they had trouble balancing one so they put it on the back. The tire center re-rotated my tires and the off-balance one was now on the front...I'll need to have it fixed, but back burner this -we'll deal with it later... time to paint more murals.

The next morning I'm about to take the children to the bus when we notice that their two gerbils who share a cage are involved in a "Gerbil Death Match" there is gerbil blood! A quick check online informed me that upon maturity gerbils will begin to prepare for potential mates by eliminating the competition and will fight to the death. So there is no way I can just convince them that a cute female gerbil just ain't gonna happen?!? So off to the pet store for a complete second gerbil habitat. So much for the 'very social and friendly' promises of the pet shop employee. Back home for gerbil re-habitation and more mural painting. You will notice there are no photos of the bloody gerbils... I thought that best.

I'm starting to feel a little frazzled and have been putting in a lot of very late nights on these mural there's my own "oh that's right I have kids!" to be fed and laundry and dishes...oh and a very patient husband...

ArtsDay arrives and the kids have a lot of fun painting the panels.

I've coded the backs to a grid. As they finish their panel they place it on the grid. They really get a kick out of placing their piece and seeing the mural come together. The painting sessions are a huge success and the kids are so excited that their work will be hung in the lobby 'forever!". I leave the murals at school to dry over the weekend.

Sunday the neighbor tills our garden and my husband informs me that the groundhog family living under our porch has eaten the kale and broccoli I started before I can even get them planted. :^(

On Monday I bring the finished murals home to re-do the black line-work, then I run the car to the tire service center again and we decide to buy two new tires. One to replace the earlier fix and one to replace the off balanced one. My husband calls in an appointment for my daughter, since she's been complaining that her sternum hurt from being hit playing laser-tag. I pick her up early and have her seen by the pediatrician... she's okay, probably just a bruise...whew!

Uh-oh! After we come home my daughter informs me that the basement play-room 'smells funny' and is 'wet'. We discover, after my husband rips up the (two year-old) carpeting and removes some drywall, that there is a pin-hole leak in the piping in the wall. Small favor, at least it's trash night.

Tuesday morning daughter stays home with a 24 hour bug. She is ill once, runs a slight fever and sleeps most of the day. I'm still re-painting black mural line-work. Son comes off the bus with his glasses broken. My husband takes him to get a new pair. Luckily they're still under warranty! I finish up all the line work and give the murals a coat of protective finish. To bed by 11:30. Wow! An early night!

Wednesday! Installation day! I'm at school by 9:30 with coffee, panels, duct tape, and paneling adhesive in hand. Another Mom comes to help. We stick all the panels up with duct tape first to make sure everything is straight and square. Once they are up we remove them one by one and apply adhesive. Anticlimactically it takes us only an hour per mural to finish them. As children pass in the halls they comment on the murals. The children who painted them point out their panels. Teachers stop to look and comment. People smile. They're done. Really? Done? DONE!

So am I. I need a vacation.


  1. WOW! Yeah, you need a vacation! And the murals are fabulous!

  2. Lynn, you sure do! What a month! And those durned ground hogs! I love the murals - something those kids will be proud of for all time :)

  3. The mural is amazing!! I hope, your shoulder will get better soon. And you deserve a new vacation, Lynn. A real one this time, yes! :)

  4. WOW- what a month and yes, you need a vacation! The murals are totally amazing and it is very impressive to me that you assembled the table saw! I totally do NOT believe that bolt is from the table saw. Ugh to the water damage and groundhog- our groundhog is out to get us, too! I think you need a vacation that involves books and lemonade!

  5. OH my gosh! Hadn't heard much from you and now I know why!
    You have a BIG vacation coming up but I think should definitely take some sort of in between-clear-your-head-rest-your-bones kind of thing.
    Why don't you come down and sit on my porch and I'll pour you a glass of Orange Mint Tea? If that doesn't work we'll switch to red wine.
    The murals are AMAZING! Well done Super Mom!

  6. Oh, Lynn, it turned out just beautifully, but I can certainly see why you need a vacation.

    Your table saw is divine and I hope you enjoy it.

    Now, about that shoulder might be able to rehab that, honest!


  7. I feel like I need a vacation, too, or at least a nap after following your ...umm... escapades. It sounds so much like my life, something always popping up, which is why I don't take on those big projects. 120 panels?! Sheesh! They should be throwing you a party!

  8. how is that vacation going? mosaic was a wonderful thing to do. I will just say I have few kind words for groundhogs.

  9. Hi Lynn, I found your blog from Shannon's site. I'm really glad I visited today. You DO need a vacation. The murals are a great project ... a bright coloring book! I've had two rotator cuff surgeries, which I'm sure you know is no picnic. If you need a shoulder to cry on, I'll be there.

  10. Thanks for the lovely comments and visits!

    Sherry, unfortunately the bone needs to be worked on, so surgery looks like it's what's on tap.

    Thank you Barbara for the 'shoulder.':^)

  11. oh oh oh!
    Your blog, is rather splendid!
    Thank-you for playing show and tell with all your pretty thoughts and pictures!

    x x x

  12. . . . I'm speechless . . .
    But I will try to talk. The mural? What a work of art and love! It is absolutely, positively fantastic. Your hard work has affected the lives of these children that they will remember for the rest of their lives - and good for you =D.

    Hooray for Lynn, the great lady who has proven that she can stand up to one challenge after another and work her miracles. I don't even know you, but I like you already.

    1. Hello Babette!

      Thank you for visiting! It was quite a week, but I survived and am here and still smiling! I think the best part was watching the children stop in the hall, point at the mural and start talking excitedly about their part. There was real pride in their voices.

      Babette's Feast is a great movie! Having lived in Denmark for a while made it even more vivid. How lovely, these coincidences! How they connect people! Thank you again for writing!


  13. oops - me again. I read where you like the movie "Babette's Feast". I do too as I'm of Danish/German heritage. My mother was raised in almost such a household as that movie. What a coincidence.