Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and I am posting in appreciation of all the Mothers out there, but especially with love for my Mother and Grandmother.

In this photo my Mom, Lorraine,is to the right and her mother, my Grandmother Violet, is holding me after my Baptism. My brother Michael is on the left, Andrew on the right -I love their jackets and bow ties! My sister Sara is adorable in her pink dress and hat. Only my youngest brother, John, is not in the photo.

My Mother raised five children. I wouldn't say we were poor, but I'm sure money was tight. We didn't always have the most or the newest 'things' but we did have a lot of love. When I was little my Mom made cheese sandwiches so I could picnic outside. My Mom taught me how to drive. Now that I have children of my own she always is happy to help out. My children love their Nana. My Grandmother Violet's house was always a place full of laughter, love and excellent pies. :^) I am sorry that my Grandmother passed away before she could meet my children. I know she would have delighted in them. She had a special place in her heart for little ones.

To these wonderful Moms I say thank you and I will love you always!


  1. What a beautiful photo of your family, Lynn. Mother's Day is always filled with memories that we don't often spend enough time with during the rest of the year.

    Hope yours was wonderful.

  2. What a lovely family, just by looking at this photo I can say that you have a very precious mom! :)

  3. I hope your Mother's Day was wonderful Lynn- your family is beautiful- thank you for sharing them!

    xo- Cat :)