Sunday, April 18, 2010

One Year

April 16th was the one year anniversary of the hospital visit where I discovered I had ovarian cancer. The previous days had been lovely and I had been enthusiastically working in the overgrown garden, hoping to work off what I thought was 'winter weight'.

The onset of pain in my side sent me to the emergency room on the 16th. They recommended I see my Gyn. and from there began quite a sudden and scary journey. It felt like the life I thought I had control over had suddenly become a car on a rollercoaster. I was going for a ride but I didn't know where I was going, it was scary as hell and there was no getting off!

Now a year later I am still recovering. Scars are fading and I can lift the laundry basket again without being lectured. I am slowly building up strength in my legs and struggling with swelling in them as a complication of the surgery.

It is not all difficult though. Aside from the troubles I have been given so many gifts... The gift of watching my children grow and play, talking to and laughing with and kissing my husband, time with my family and friends, cats to sit on my lap and chase toy mice (and scratch all the furniture), art to make and art to buy, seeds to plant and gardens to weed, and trips to plan (France and Denmark this summer!!!).

So this post today is a thank you to the world for the year I've had and for the many more years I plan on having! It is also a Thank You to the family and friends who have been so wonderfully caring and supportive during the past year. I feel blessed to have you all in my life.




  1. Dear Lynn,
    I am so sorry that this year has been so tough for you. Your attitude is amazing and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your gratitude and life-changing experience.
    I hope this coming year will be your best yet! I want to wish you good health and happiness. I also hope you have a fantastic journey to Europe this summer! Awesome!
    xo Kendra

  2. Such a lovely post, you speak with such grace, Lynn.

    I like you never take one day for granted, revel in the ordinary moments, love really hard.

    I am so fortunate to know you, and I'm sure we will meet one day.

    To the future,

  3. I love your art style !
    Knowing a little about the rocky road you travel ,gives even more meaning to your creations .Thank you for sharing .
    Your art always makes me smile !
    Thank you for that gift you give !
    You will be in my thoughts and prayers today
    m.e. :)

  4. I have admired your art for some time and wanted to let you know.
    May your path this year and in the future be paved with many blessings.

  5. hoping for so much, including the disappearance of a certain volcanic plume so that the trip is a wonder.

  6. Thank you all for the lovely messages and well wishes! I am so touched that you took the time to visit my little blog, read my posting and write such kind words.

    Thank you for being an inspiration and a light.


    Yes, Stratoz.... let's hope for volcanic quiet. For the good of everyone!

  7. Thank you for sharing this information about your struggle and motivation! Really encouraging for others not to take any day of one's life for granted. A big hug from me and best wishes for many years to come.

  8. Yay! One year ... amazing. I loved reading your beautiful post (and got a little teary, but I'm very soft hearted, particularly about my friends), Lynn. And am SO SO glad that you're writing about your year in retrospect. :) Hugs!!! xo Brenda