Friday, April 2, 2010

Tillandsia Addiction

I was first introduced to the beauty of air plants, Tillandsia, on Fringe's wonderful blog, Fringe.

Her posting, Air plants are easy, led me to begin my own air plant collection.

Shown above are my new acquisitions wired onto the antlers of a gifted (found by my brother in the woods) deer skull. I wrapped wire around the antlers and made little loops for the plants to sit in. The plants are easily removable for watering. Above the skull is a treasured mosaic mandala given to me by my friend, the wonderfully talented Margaret Almon of nutmegdesigns on Etsy. I think the plants and mandala complement each other wonderfully.

It's not easy for me to grow houseplants as I have two cats who will search out and destroy most foliage. Having these wired up high is no guarantee -these cats like to go high, but I am hopeful!


  1. I love air plants too! They are so cool.
    Love what you've done with them ; )

  2. I've seen air plants and am interested. (and here they look especially that a word?) Kyle and Ben are allergic to mold/mildew so we have been told not to have indoors plants but I wonder if plants that don't need to grow in soil would be ok? I'll have to check that out.

  3. Those do look great together!
    When I was young, my grandmother had a tiny tillandsia in some small vessel attached to a magnet she kept on her fridge door. I was always so fascinated by it!

  4. Lynn, it's a stunning juxtaposition....really I could stare at it all day!


  5. I was thrilled to see this photo! I am so glad you are enjoying your mandala and given it such a good home.