Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Tool Alert - Kiln in Firingplace

Firingplace, originally uploaded by Lynn_EL/UnaOdd.
I recently took a PMC (precious metal clay) class through The Banana Factory, a wonderful local arts program. The class was taught by a very talented and wonderfully generous jewelry artist named Wendy Schuster. If you are in the Eastern PA region and are ever interested in taking a PMC class, I highly recommend her! A quick Google search brings up many classes she is teaching.

After Wendy's excellent class I was thrilled with the possibilities of the medium, but was frustrated by the limitations and quality issues of torch firing.  Having also taken pottery classes in the past, and having an interest in exploring glass and possibly enamels, I thought it was high time I looked into acquiring a kiln. A quick search on Ebay found one up for auction within an hour's drive - which meant the option to forgo shipping costs, which meant more bargaining power in the auction. When the auction finished it was mine!

A day later my kiln was home -with much generosity on the part of the seller as well, who threw in some extra PMC and promised to send her tools and cork-clay when they turn up.  While the fireplace in my studio is not to code for building actual fires (the firebox is too shallow), it does however, fit the new kiln perfectly!

The fireplace is now transformed to The Firingplace!


  1. I am thinking of selling my kiln. Can you tell me what you paid for it. It looks just like mine. Mine was hardly used as I stopped using metal clay when the price became unaffordable for me. I could use the room now! They take up a lot of space. I love how yours fits in the fireplace though!

  2. Have lots of fun. I can't wait to see what emerges.