Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Using Polymer Clay as Printing Plates

My friend Genevieve, of Jibby and Juna, recently jogged my memory. While doing some of her lovely new carved pieces she began to ponder the idea of making prints from the polymer clay pieces. What a natural extension of her beautiful work!

It reminded me that somewhere in the recesses of my filing cabinet were some explorations I'd made about 10 or so years ago using uncured polymer clay as printing plates. I was doing freelance work for a greeting card company at the time and was going to propose a series of cards based on this style. I don't remember why I didn't pursue it, but it's been pretty much the template for my art experience. Experiment, don't follow through, move on.

I look forward to seeing where Gen takes her ideas. She seems to work in such a naturally organic way.


  1. Wow! That works fantastically! It hadn't even occurred to me to use uncured clay and now you have my wheels turning...

    Thanks for linking and for having great ideas AND sharing them!

  2. Polymer clay rules! These are awesome images... trouble is, I keep imagining the two on the lower left being unearthed in some archaeological dig where the ancient residents worshipped a eerily smiling Stewie from Family Guy. Dang it, now I'm creeping myself out...