Saturday, September 8, 2012

Skull Season - Polymer Clay

Untitled, originally uploaded by Lynn_EL/UnaOdd.
Being a polymer clay jewelry artist, I try to avoid producing work that is heavily focused on a single holiday. I don't like having a lot of stock that has a limited 'season' of use.

My favorite exception to my rule is my little skull pendants. Skulls appeal to some people year round and they are made in the same way as my little head pendants and are so fun to make.

I like to use a minimum of manipulation, preferring to quickly provide just enough detail to - although odd with this subject matter - bring the face to life.


  1. Lynn, I think I might have that disease where I see everything as a pop-culture reference. I'm sitting here staring at your über cool skull and wondering... is he a distant relative of C3PO?

    1. Lol... yes, I can see that and I do that too at times. :^) It's the teeth I think. A little mechanical looking, I used gear teeth and they may be a little too regular. Thanks for stopping by! :^)

  2. Scary but cute...don't take that as an insult :-)

    Hey I heard you were in the newspaper!