Friday, April 10, 2009

First True Leaves

The first true leaves have appeared on most of my first batch of seedlings. This means that they are soon ready for re-potting. I am going to try an experiment this year. Every year I use plant pots that I make out of 5 oz. plastic cups. I like them as they are a great size, they fit nicely in the flats, I can write information on them if needed -using a Sharpie, they hold up well, and I can re-use them from year-to-year.

In the interest of recycling and being more eco-friendly I have purchased a plant pot maker that uses strips of newspaper to make biodegradable pots. In the near future I will post a demo on making both kinds of pots. I want to compare how well they stand up and how well the plants thrive. I am not including peat pots as I don't like them. I find they draw too much moisture out of the soil if not kept constantly moist. If peat pots are not removed at planting, and the top edge is above ground, they can wick moisture away from the roots. Others may have good results with peat... I find them too expensive for the uneven results.


  1. Good morning, Lynn, I am just checking out blogs and rediscovered your amazing creativity. You are much more ambitious with the gardening than I am these days. Ihave not been following your blog so I don't know what's in those little pots, but they sure look healthy.
    Love your pendants.

  2. I look forward to reading about your experiment! You have an amazing set up! Have you ever considered moving to a farm?
    I specifically need to work on larger quantities of homegrown greens this year - we are big on salads and perhaps ALL homegrown greens in summer will offset the cost of organic greens all winter.