Monday, April 20, 2009


The first batch of seedlings has been re-potted. I made both plastic cup pots, and recycled newspaper pots. I am also watering the seedlings with a dilute fish emulsion fertilizer. They are a lovely deep green and have beautifully stocky stems.

The tomatoes can be potted up buried all the way to the cotyledons, or "seed leaves". New roots can grow from any point on the stem and this will create a deeper, stronger root system.


  1. Wow, amazing work! I love the newspaper pot idea. :) I look forward to watching your garden grow all summer long!

  2. This year I don't really have a plan about my garden, so I'm going only to plant everything right on the place (and let myself surprised, either they'll grow or not ;)). I'm mostly watching, what's growing there in order to know, what I'll keep or not. But I really enjoy reading all your gardening posts. I'm learning about gardening for next year through your blog :) You are such a professional gardener! Thank you for sharing! xoxoxo