Monday, April 20, 2009

Making Seedling Pots

The seeds have been doing well under the lights and are in need of transplanting. I make my own re-usable plant pots by drilling drainage holes in 5 oz. plastic cups. In the interest of recycling I decided to try an experiment. In addition to the plastic pots I am gong to make some pots out of recycled newspaper. I want to see how well the newspaper pots hold up, and how well the plants thrive compared to my plastic cup method.

First the plastic cups. I use 5 oz. plastic cups and simply drill holes in the bottom with a Dremel.

For the newspaper pots I purchased a wooden pot making tool. You simply cut newspaper into 3.5" x 10" strips which you wrap around the barrel portion of the tool. I chose to do a double thickness of paper. The bottom of the wrapped paper is folded over and you push it onto the round wheel-shaped form. I gave it a twist and added one staple, just to give it a little extra sturdiness.

The pots felt reasonably sturdy. I appreciated the addition of the staple and the doubling of the paper. I like my pots sturdy. :^)


  1. So clever those newsletter pots! One can plant them, as they will fully solved in soil, don't they?

  2. Very clever little tool!

    We are not the master gardens like you but things are coming up here...chives are ready to make a big batch of chive biscuits. Chard is looking good. Rhubard is getting big. I hope I can get everyone to try rhubard custard pie this year. It is delicious, very lemony. Most people are a bit freaked out by rhubarb for some reason.