Thursday, May 14, 2009

Comfortable Companionship

This is the couch where I am spending most of my day -recuperating, reading, napping, posting, and thinking. I lean against the pillow at the end. I am kept company by Kanye, who spends most of the day in this position. I love to reach up and pet him. He lets me rub his belly and doesn't even open an eye.


  1. This post really sums up 'cat'. Serious resting. To a cat, resting is an art form.

    Take a cue from Kanye :-)

    p.s. fast thinking/slow typing made for a sloppy first comment so I deleted it

  2. hi Lynn,
    hope you are feeling well!!
    cats do have a way of saying, take it easy, no rush...


  3. Seriously cute!!! :)

    Hope you're getting stronger.

  4. Good news!!! May much more good new follow! Awww, what a great photo of your sweet Kanye. Kitties are wonderful companions for resting and healing. :)

  5. that cat is AWESOME! makes me feel more relaxed just by lookin' at him. cool dude.

  6. What a magnificent cat. And sofa reminds me of Maxfield Parrish paintings, for some reason. Such exotic texture, perfect for dreams of healing. Although I don't know you, I'm really glad that you are doing so well!