Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Taking it Slowly

I'm in recovery and am having a really hard time taking it slowly. I'm not supposed to lift anything over 10 pounds, .45 kilos, for 6-8 weeks. It is hard to bend and my back is trying to compensate for the stomach muscles that I can't use, so it's starting to ache. I can accept help with the laundry, cooking, and dishes...;^). The garden is a bigger task and makes me a little sad. Bindweed is taking over my perennial bed, thistle and silver maples are sprouting up. I have to keep reminding myself -there's next year!

I really miss Etsy and will probably open shop again soon. I've been brainstorming some new pieces, ones that don't require as much tedious physical work. Maybe tomorrow I'll start playing with my ideas.

About all I can do right now is read. I did manage to get into the garden to shoot a few photos, but even that is tiring. It's hard to bend down to get the close shots I like.

Guess this is just going to be a venting post... I'm allowed to have some of those right?


  1. Oh, Lynn! It is so good to see an update, though I wish you were more comfortable. Take this time to rest. I know it will be frustrating and boring at times, but you need to heal! I'm looking forward to hearing about your progress! And I hope the weeds stay at bay.

  2. I'm also so happy to hear from you - please do take things slowly! Everything will be waiting for you (hopefully not the laundry). :)

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. I hope you heal quickly and I will send you my positive thoughts and wishes.
    Your friend,

  4. Lynn, I'm glad to hear everything went well. Please take a good rest till you are fully recovered. I'm sending you some healing vibes (and maybe a bottle of Neudorff's Finalsan? ;) I'm testing it).
    Looking forward to your new work! Big hugs!

  5. It is SO good to see a post here!!! (I have been checking every day!) And I give you full permission to vent as much as you need to.

    Patience with healing now will pay off in the long run! LOOK for the silver lining...there always is one although its often difficult to see at first!

    Love from all at our house!

  6. Vent away...we are here for you!
    I know it is hard to take it easy, but maybe the universe has some mysterious wonderful plans in mind for least that is the way I tend to look at things. :) Something good may come out of this extra time you have to brainstorm; can't wait to see what direction this leads you in btw.
    I'm sorry about those pesky weeds though, if I lived closer, I would come over and take of them personally. :)
    Hugs and well wishes my friend!

  7. Jip, vent all you want! I hope you feel better by now though. I'm glad all went well & that you are full of new and creative ideas! Can't wait to see 'em! :)