Monday, May 4, 2009

'Hillbilly' in a Recycled Newspaper Pot

So far the recycled newspaper pots are holding up really well. This seedling is the same one shown in my initial post detailing my experiment, and is an heirloom variety known as 'Hillbilly'. Growth is equal to the plastic pot seedlings, the only difference being the necessity to water a little more often -the newspaper wicks water from the soil. Oh, and cute whiskery little roots are starting to work their way through the paper.

One point of potential concern, the pots become a little moldy which may be an issue for someone with allergies to mold.


  1. Wow, what a brilliant idea! I remember buying those earth friendly eco starter pots a few years back, thinking there must be a way of achieving this on my own! Leave it to you to figure the perfect solution :)

    Now my mouth is watering for some heirloom salad!

  2. Oh boy, it looks so perfect!!! I've tried to make my newspaper pots for the thai basil and Averrhoa bilimbi, but they were not as neat as yours - I need some more practice ^_^