Friday, January 30, 2009


I don't know how it is for other artists. Some people like to work in silence. I am not one of those goes hand-in-hand with working for me. Some times I like the music to have more of a background effect while I focus on my work, sometimes I like fast and furious, sometimes quiet and introspective.

On rotation now:

The Killers -Spaceman
MGMT -any, but especially Kids
Kanye -really loving 808s & Heartbreak
The Raconteurs -Rich Kid Blues
Röyksopp -Poor Leno
Wilco -The Late Greats
The Bevis Frond -Heritage Coast
...and I'm currently having a college flashback Peter Murphy obsession...must be a cold winter thing. :^)


  1. I usually work in silence or talk radio, but when I do need to rock out - its Jamiroquai circa Emergency on Planet Earth all the way!

  2. I listen to all kinds of music while I work. It depends on the time of day too. Right now I'm listening to Sondre Lerche!

  3. I love hearing what others listen to while they work! Love inspiration.