Saturday, January 17, 2009

Simple Padded Envelope Tutorial

This is going to be a simple tutorial on making protective mailing envelopes for your jewelry, or other small art pieces.

You will need thin foam sheets, coin envelopes of the size desired, and double-sided tape. For the foam sheets you can cut up foam shipping inserts, or foam insulation sheeting from your local hardware store.

Place a strip of double-sided tape on one side of each piece of foam. Place the foam pieces together, tape sides out and remove the protective layer from the tape.

Slide the double-sided taped foam into the coin envelope.

The envelope with foam inserts firmly taped in place.

I do simple marker sketches on my envelopes. Every envelope is hand-drawn and so fun to do! I also use a simple circle punch, pretty colored paper, a silvery marker, and a xyron sticker maker to make simple stickers to seal the envelope. It's always nice to thank your buyer!

Add a sticker to seal and you're all ready to ship! Your own envelopes can be decorated with your choice of personal embellishments. Stickers, rubber-stamps, business cards, hang tags.....have fun and make it your own!


  1. Simple perhaps but I hadn't thought of it! I have a bunch of unpadded envelopes waiting to be used - this is great! - Genevieve

  2. Thank u so much for sharing this idea, as i was scratching my head of how to wrap the jewellery from avoiding it to get "hurt" when I mailing them~ thanksss