Sunday, February 8, 2009

Brunch recipe -Egg in a Frame

I love bread, I love butter, I love toast and eggs. One of my favorite ways to combine my favorites is in a breakfast/brunch from my childhood -Egg in a Frame.

You start with fresh eggs and a good whole wheat bread -really grainy, nutty ones are great! Cut a square out of the center of each slice of bread. Reserve the squares. Butter the edges (frame) of the bread.

Place the bread frames butter-side down in a hot frying pan. Butter the top edges and add a dollop of butter to the pan in the center of the frame. Once the butter in the center has melted, crack one egg into the frame opening of the bread. Sprinkle with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Flip when browned to your taste. Cook on the second side to taste and flip a few times until the yolk is done to the hardness you prefer. If you like your yolk runny then take the reserved squares and toast. They are perfect for dipping in the yolk! Otherwise toast the squares and butter and top with your choice of spreads.

Apologies for the lack of pretty posed brunch picture, with juice, spreads, jellies, flowers, napkins etc.... but we were so hungry!


  1. Oh yum, I love a variation of this, too! Now I'm hungry for a late night snack!

  2. OMG So clever!!! I'll surely try it - thanks!