Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cathartic Change of Pace

As much as I love the final product of the work I do (my polymer and resin pendants) I often resent and am dragged down by the process. It is a very laborious and somewhat exacting process. In addition many of the steps require waiting days before I can do further work with the results. From start to finish a pendant can take 7-12 days.

So I've been taking a little break from my polymer work to just do some free-flow things. Number one has been making some purchases on Etsy...the most fun kind of free-flow.:^) I'll blog about some of my purchases later! The other has been doing some fun marker artwork...always relaxing for me.

Last summer I bought some books at a local carnival/festival. It benefits a local hospital and every year they have a book tent. The last day of the event all books are $1 a bag. You can get a lot in a bag so I ended picking up CRAZY books that I never would have looked at twice. One such book was a 1957 20th Century Bookkeeping and Accounting textbook. Just the other day I thought about using the pages to draw on and make bookmarks. While working on them I had a flashback...

I was accepted to college for graphic design. My Father took me to visit the school for orientation. Before we arrived at the school we stopped for lunch and he asked me if I didn't want to think about going to school for something else, like accounting. Not to knock accountants, but I had no interest and was disappointed that he would ask me that.

So although I sometimes find the technique of printing/painting on book pages to be a sometimes overused one, I found it quite cathartic and relaxing to cover accounting pages with colorful, fun, free-form organic growths.

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  1. Waah! I feel same way about marker work! Its a bit like upgraded doodling...very different process, can be done in a different spot...relaxing!
    And I love your new bookmarks! I start cracking up when I saw our work, then popped over here to see if you blogged about it. I started doing ink and colored pencil work on squares cut from old books about a month ago! I am then using my sticker maker to turn them into handmade stickers to put in all my packages. Its a great way to keep creating when I am just polymer-ed out.