Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

No, not today! :^) My birthday was on February 15th and I celebrated by treating myself to a few lovely pieces. I think I get more excitement out of buying wonderful pieces by such talented artists, than I get out of selling my own work!

I collect fossils, especially of sea urchins. This is a lovely little urchin fossil that I found embedded in a flint nodule while living in Denmark. I found a number of fossilized sea urchins, many on the pebbly beaches of Tisvildeleje, on Denmark’s North Zealand Coast.

I've been quite a fan of knitalatte:: RESURRECTION FERN ever since I first saw Margie's work. I was so taken by the haunting honest beauty of the patterns she creates...and wrapped around so perfect of an object as a simple stone. They are so evocative of the fossils and sea creatures that I love so much. I eagerly awaited her next shop update and was able to acquire one of her gorgeous works.

Not an hour later I was using Etsy's wonderful Pounce Tool to search for undiscovered artists for a Treasury Challenge I was taking part in (I am now addicted to this tool!). Suddenly another piece that spoke to my obsession popped into view. A dish that visually echoed my earlier purchase had been crafted by Dana of EarthborneArt. Of course I had to buy it. I was so glad to know that I would be her first sale. I remembered the excitement of my first sale and hoped she was feeling some of that same joy.

I am so happy with my new pieces. The artistry and craftsmanship are superb! So, Happy Birthday to me...and so much credit to the very talented Margie and Dana!


  1. Your stone and plate look so amazing together. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I have usually been treating myself to some handmade treasures for my birthdays for the past few years. I think it is a wonderful idea.

  2. A very Happy belated Birthday to you!

  3. What a lovely treat you've made to yourself. The stone and the plate are so beautiful!!